The world seen by DME instruments - Topography
Application examples
Images galery
PZT ceramics (left) and surface of a polished glass lens (right)
Atomic layers of HOPG (Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite): Topography (left) and height profile across one atomic layer
SiC and Graphene atomic layers: topography (left) and phase (right) are measured simultaneously.
Single atomic resolved UHV-STM image. Measured by AG Peter Jakob, Physik, Uni Marburg.
Nanodots on carbonized tungsten, UHV-STM. Measured by Bachmann / AG Memmel, Physikalische Chemie, Uni Innsbruck.
HOPG layer in air, AFM DC mode, electrical current (Conductive AFM), obtained with UHV AFM.
Colon cancer cells
Colon cancer cells
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