The Calculator
A Free Alternative to the Windows Calculator or Rather a Programming Language?
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The Calculator
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The Calculator is an advanced calculator for Windows. It is a part of the ScanTool™ program package for controlling our instruments. However, in its basic version it can be of use for anyone who wishes to make quick calculations or to solve somewhat more complex problems without having to use a large spreadsheet program package.

You can use the Calculator e.g. for simply adding numbers. Compared to the built-in Windows calculator it has the advantage of a large field for entering so you can see all numbers and afterwards easily find errors, etc.

For more complex calculations, you can enter the whole expression as e.g. sin(pi()/4)^2.
The calculator also handles variables and accepts several expressions after another, the expressions should be separated by a comma, a=5, 3*a. This will return the result of the last expression, in this case 15. Furthermore, the calculator understands functions known from programming languages such as for, while, and if.

By means of the function print or println a separate window is opened, containing the result. The functions plot and plotxy will open in a separate window with the graphics. Titles can be entered, and the result can be exported as vector graphics to another program. In contradistinction to plotxy, plot directly evaluates a function over an specified range, i.e. plot(0;0;x;sin(x);0;2*pi();200) shows the function sin(x) and, wherein x goes from 0 to 2 Pi.

The calculator contains  several built-in functions:

You can download the  Calculator here:, Version (Size app. 2.9 MB). The program works under all present Windows operating systems (it may also run under older Windows 98 and earlier, but this has not been tested.

To install the program run the dmecalcinst.exe. The installation contains a PDF file with a guide in English as well as the latest program files and some examples.