DME - Software, microelectronics, and SPM microscopy for more than 30 Years
STM, 1988
STM-Scanner from 1988

DME - Danish Micro Engineering A/S was established in 1979 by Dr. Curt Sander as an engineering consultant company focussed on microprocessor technology and software. At that time, the new, upcoming information technology was slowly gaining influence on our everyday life. A lot of Danish companies early on recognized the possibilities of the microprocessor technology, and DME helped Danish companies with the transition from the classic (mostly analog) electronics to the microprocessor technology and was then one of the most important consultant companies in this field. This long tradition for microprocessor technology in Denmark can still be seen today; when it comes to the extension of PCs, Denmark is number one in Europe and number two worldwide (Source: Daten zur Informationsgesellschaft, Bitkom 2006; see also Eurostat 2006), as regards internet usage, Denmark is leading in the world (Source: Bitkom 2005).

Tunnelscope STM, 1989
TunnelScope® from 1989

In this context, at the end of 1987, DME began developing the first SPM microscope, and shortly afterwards, the company delivered the first instrument of the TunnelScope® series, a series which in the early 1990'es was replaced by the Rasterscope™ and DualScope™ series. At this time, DME changed from a consultant company to a manufacturing company with main focus on Scanning Probe Microscopy. The product series Rasterscope™ and DualScope™ are steadily being further developed and supplemented and for the last 20 years have been the main business of DME. Thus, DME is one of the oldest manufacturers of AFM, STM, and SNOM equipment on the market. True to our origin, DME holds software as one of the main development items.

Besides standard products, DME is also interested in development of new products of various kinds. Especially in connection with the Scanning Probe technology, through our experience and know-how, DME can show very short development times for new products - development times that are comparable to the delivery times for standard products from other manufacturers.

In July 2015, DME is acquired by the company Semilab Zrt with the intention to continue the SPM production like before.